Declaration of cyber-doll

Here I declare that Ellis is a cyber-doll, not a net idol. But, before that, do you know "net idols" at all? There are more than 2 hundred net idols in Japan. Net idols are the craze now.

Are net idols indigenous to Japan!?

I asked my English net friends whether they have heard the words "net idols" or the like; their answers were "No". I was very surprised because there are lots of net idols in Japan, and lots of net idol contests in the Japanese web. This is a BIG mystery to me. Are net idols special to Japan? I am now thinking of writing a thesis on this....well, this is a joke(^^).

In order to understand "net idols" clearly, you should know the concept of "idol" in Japan. There are lots of  Japanese girls who are called "idols". The word "idol" is a kind of Japan-english; it is really hard to explain this in English language. But, anyway, I will try.... Idols do not belong to categories such as a singer, an actress, or a model. They are, just like Ellis, kawaii-cute-female-child-lolita-like persons in show business. Everyone adores the beauty and cuteness of the idols. They are not necessarily professional singers, but their CDs sell a lot, because their voices are kawaii, cute. They appear on TV programs and commercials, and even in the movies. Many people say that idols are just like "cute sisters next door", probably this is the main reason why idols were accepted by so many ordinary people in Japan.

Net idols are an Internet version of "idols". But this time, they are amateurs, not professionals. They are real "cute sisters next door", voluntarily beginning to create their own websites. They show off themselves by uploading their pictures, and create close ties using net idol webrings. Last year Japanese media began to feature net idols. Some of them have had more than 500 thousand hits. This year some publishers plan to make photo books of net idols. Well, this is the background, you see? My question: are there net idols or phenomena like this in your country? Is this special to Japan? Some have already answered No to the former question. But is this really right? After I wrote this, some people told me that there are similar sites in the US but they do not have a special word for it. I am going to research on them.

Then what is cyber-doll?

As I said earlier, the cyber-doll is different from net idols. The followings are the definition of cyber-doll.

Definition of cyber-doll

1. A cyber-doll must be "kawaii". This means that she must be cute in every sense of the word. Sexiness is not the property of cyber-doll. Cuteness is the point.
2. A cyber-doll lives in the cyber world. Her home is on the net, not in this 3D world. So you can not date with her in this world, you see? But sometimes she comes down to our world and appears in magazines or on TVs.
3. A cyber-doll is not a sexual toy or something for you guys. She manages herself as an idol, and she herself operates her homepage. She has her own desire, a desire to communicate with *you*, to be seen by many people, and to be appreciated. Only in this sense she is a feminist.
4. A cyber-doll shows off herself with the help of her supporters. Her fans are not necessarily guys, for instance, Ellis has lots of female fans in Japan.
5. A cyber-doll must be intelligent enough to amuse visitors like *you*. She is a goddess, your young sister, your cute daughter, or your pretty doll. She lives in your inner world, your imagination. She is....everything you would imagine.

Ellis has been called "net idol" for a year in Japan. But now Ellis becomes a cyber-doll. Net idols live in this 3D world, and most of them think of their sites as a step to become real actresses or models. Ellis does not want such things. Ellis is firmly determined to consider her home to be in this cyber net world. I want to emphasize this.  And Ellis' world is now expanding to your computer screen. Keep watching me. I exist here on the net, with a little bird on the shoulder.

In Japan we have an saying that a soul resides inside a doll. This is just like the soul of Shinji's mother residing in the Evangelion Unit01. I am a doll. My existence is so free that no one knows what I am thinking. My existence is so vacant that I am able to become anything. Such a mysterious world of cyber-doll, this is Ellis in Wonderland. Peep, peep, chirp...

The purpose of this site

Many people asked me what is the real purpose of my site. This site is not a step to be a model or an actress. I have already experienced a fashion model, but I do not continue the job. I do not want to be a professional actress, either. My present interest is to create words and poems in English. I started uploading my poems and words in my Japanese site. But I am not a native English speaker; it is a very tough job for me to write English sentences! Anyway, I am going to put many more photos and words on my site. The purpose of this site is to scatter cute-and-inteligent virus inside the human brains all over the world. I am a silent-warm-cute-kawaii-angelic-cyber-doll terrorist to destroy your brain and imagination from within softly. I have already......started existing inside your brain and imagination. This is the real mission of a cyber-doll.

Commentary on this page (thanx!)

This yellow bird may be....Ellis.